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Rhythm and Roots Festival Returns Labor Day Weekend—The joint will be rockin’ this Friday night…

Moore: Senator Sheehan’s First Southwest Awakening—Moore: Senator Sheehan's First Southwest Awakening

College Admissions: Why Starting in 9th Grade Matters—Every fall, I see families of seniors in…

Leonard Moorehead, The Urban Gardener: Harvesting Green Beans + Sunflowers—Gardening made simple...

5 Live Music Musts - August 28, 2015—Two free music festivals are highlights this week…

Buddy Guy Brings the Blues to Indian Ranch—The reigning champion of the Chicago Blues was…

Providence Folk Festival Coming Sunday—The second annual Providence Folk Festival is coming…

Moore: Elorza’s Misguided Guatemalan Tour—Moore: Elorza's Misguided Guatemalan Tour

College Admissions: 6 Steps To A Killer College Application—Put your best food forward...

5 Live Music Musts - August 21, 2015—All of our favorite genres are represented this…



EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Graffiti Vandals Destroy Historic East Side House

200 Hope Street was the target of vandalism - and security cameras show it happening.

The historic Lippitt House at 200 Hope Street was tagged with graffiti this past week, and now neighbors have released video… Read More



video: EXCLUSIVE: Smithfield Town Council Meeting Turns into Screaming Match with Allegations

A video of Smithfield town Councilman Gregory Tocco shouting at Council member Bernard Hawkins has emerged, following the… Read More



video: GoLocalTV: More Protests in Guatemala Following Elorza Trip

Following Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza's trip to Guatemala to meet with President Otto Perez Molina, thousands of… Read More



Fecteau: Does Obama’s Foreign Policy Jeopardize Our National Security?

Critics contend that the Obama administration’s foreign policy jeopardizes the United States’ national security.… Read More



Bryant Issues Statement and New Images from the Building Collapse

GoLocal has up close photos from the building collapse at Bryant University. Elizabeth O'Neil, Bryant University… Read More



Nguyen: Clerk That Won’t Grant Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples May Be Held In Contempt

By now you have heard of Kim Davis, the court clerk in Rowan, Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses since June,… Read More



video: Ludacris to Perform at Providence College Late Night Madness


Providence College has announced that rapper Ludacris will be performing at the schools late night madness celebration on… Read More



A Married Man’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Summer is coming to a close, NFL preseason is in full-swing and Fantasy Football season is officially upon us. While groups… Read More



Bryant’s Training Facility Collapses, OSHA to Investigate

A construction accident at 8:15 am on Tuesday at the site of the under-construction new indoor training facility at Bryant… Read More



Where Has Kilmartin Been on 38 Studios, Corso, and Doyle?

Peter Kilmartin

The Office of Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin continues to remain silent three years later on the ongoing 38… Read More



slides: The Players in the 38 Studios Saga

Who are the key names to watch as Rhode Island Superior Court gets set to unveil tens of thousands of documents pertaining to… Read More



Riley: Amateur Hour in Providence Pensions

Mayor Jorge Elorza. Photo: Kate Nagle, GLP

Mayor Elorza, adviser Wainwright Investment Counsel and the Pension Plan Investment Commission should all be immediately… Read More



Horowitz: Social Media is Increasingly a Go To News Source

Rob Horowitz

More than 6-out-of-ten current Facebook and Twitter users get news about the world and current events from these… Read More



Tens of Thousands of 38 Studios Documents Being Catalogued for Release

Rhode Island Superior Court staff met Monday morning to discuss how to move forward with cataloging "tens of thousands" of… Read More



Judge Says Deflategate Decision Coming Today or Wednesday

Tom Brady

New York Federal Court Judge Richard Berman has said that a decision on Tom Brady's deflategate appeal will be coming… Read More



Pawtucket Schools, Hasbro, Inc Announce Partnership With No Bully

Hasbro, Inc., the Pawtucket School Department, and the City of Pawtucket announced a partnership with No Bully on… Read More



Providence Firefighters to Hold Rally Against Elorza

Providence Firefighters will hold a rally against Elorza at City Hall on Tuesday, September 8 at 4:30 p.m., the firefighters… Read More



RI’s Economic Study Funder Manages $65 Million in RI Pension Money

Rhode Island native Mark Gallogly, whose private equity firm, Centerbridge Partners, manages $65 million in Rhode Island… Read More


Patriarca Papers

FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers - Entry 4

Raymond Patriarca

This week’s release of the FBI Files on Raymond Patriarca unveils the FBI review of Patriarca's relationship with… Read More



NEW: Elsa Duré Named CEO of RI Mayoral Academies

Elsa Duré

Elsa Duré has been named chief executive officer of Rhode Island Mayoral Academies (RIMA), effective September 1.… Read More


Patriarca Papers

Cheat Sheet 4, FBI Files Unveils the Business Ties of Patriarca’s Lawyers

Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released,… Read More



NEW: Providence Police Makes Arrests Connected to East Side Break-Ins

Providence Police have announced they have made two additional arrests related to the recent break-ins on the City's East… Read More



Secrets and Scandals: Secrets and Scandals - Reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006, Chapter 26

Between 1986 and 2006, Rhode Island ran a gauntlet of scandals that exposed corruption and aroused public rage. Protesters… Read More



slides: The 10 Most Stolen Cars in Rhode Island

On Monday, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released its annual Hot Wheels report - the 10 most stolen vehicles in… Read More



Moore: Senator Sheehan’s First Southwest Awakening

Senator James Sheehan

GoLocal's Russ Moore says Senator James Sheehan is wise to call for the state to fire First Southwest.



It’s All About Education: Just Let Them Play

“What can I do to help my child have a great school year?” This is the most common question parents ask me every… Read More



Chef Walter’s Flavors + Knowledge: Zucchini Flan with Tomato Coulis

Coulis is a French sauce which can be sweet or savory, depending on what it is meant to accompany. The term is also used to… Read More



School Bugs: 5 Ways to Boost Your Family’s Health During the School Year

The new school year is about to begin, and your kids will be having all kinds of new experiences, coming home with new… Read More



slides: 10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - Sept. 1

Sasha and others need homes

Calling all animal lovers! If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.



Theresa Agonia Named 2016 Miss RI USA

Theresa Agonia photo courtesy of her twitter account @Theresaagonia

Theresa Agonia was named Miss RI USA 2016 on Sunday, August 30 at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Agonia will represent Rhode… Read More



Rhythm and Roots Festival Returns Labor Day Weekend

Lake Street Dive Appears at Rhythm and Roots this Saturday

The joint will be rockin’ this Friday night in Charlestown as the Rhythm and Roots Festival arrives in town for the… Read More



College Admissions: Why Starting in 9th Grade Matters

Every fall, I see families of seniors in “crunch mode”, trying desperately to catch up on college visits, SAT/ACT… Read More



slides: 25 Things to Eat in RI Before You Die

There are a lot of great restaurants, serving great food, in Rhode Island that you simply must go to and there are certain… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

RI Beauty Expert: Providence’s StyleWeek Northeast

With Rhode Island School of Design around the corner and lots of homegrown talent in the Capital City, Providence has never… Read More



Huestis: Moon to Cover Bright Star in Taurus

As the Moon orbits the Earth once every 29.5 days, each day it moves eastward in our sky at 12.2 degrees per day. It may not… Read More



Ask a Bartender: What is Your Favorite Drink to Make?

In place of the Irish Car Bombs, and Greatful Deads, and frozen drinks, there are a lot of other drinks that bartenders enjoy… Read More



Leonard Moorehead, The Urban Gardener: Harvesting Green Beans + Sunflowers

A staple of any September garden, green beans are the perfect combination of great taste and nutrition.

Spring beans are gardener’s friends and true New Englanders savor their flavor. Sunflowers inspire joy and fill the… Read More



RI Director of Public Health to Chair AIDS Walk RI Event

Nicole Alexander-Scott

Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH, the State's Director of Public Health, will be an honorary chair of the annual AIDS Walk… Read More



5 Live Music Musts - August 28, 2015

Amy Black Plays the Narrows Center Tonight

Two free music festivals are highlights this week in our column of the best in local music. Check out “5 Live Music… Read More



First Official U.S. Bananagrams Tournament Set to Begin

The first official U.S. Bananagrams School Tournament is set to begin and registration is open for elementary schools… Read More



slides: 10 Great Things To Do In Rhode Island This Weekend - August 28

Kick off your weekend with a bang when you attend any of GoLocal's featured activities on Friday. But don't stop… Read More



slides: 10 Great Things to do in Newport This Weekend - August 28

Kick off your weekend with a bang when you attend any of GoLocal's featured activities on Friday. But don't stop… Read More



Brown Males Have 12th Most Right Swipes in Country on Tinder

Brown University males have been ranked 12th in the country for the most Tinder swipe rights, according to Tinder, who… Read More



Cyber Thugs: Don’t Be a Victim of Online Stalking and Harassment

Cyber bullying, or “online bullying” has been making headlines for more than a decade. Typically, the term has… Read More



Leather Storrs: The Shapes of Inspiration

Inspiration is a maddening, inconsistent and surprising muse. Rolling Stone Keith Richards, in his rambling, drug fueled… Read More



Under Pressure? Four Tips To Help With Stress

How to ‘cope with stress’ is a much bandied about term that gets lots of airtime today. The usual methods… Read More



slides: Narrows Center to Open “Legends of Music” Exhibit

Led Zepplin

The Narrows Center for the Arts will open their newest art exhibit titled "Legends of Music: Images from the Golden Age of… Read More



Princess Leia Coming to RI Comic Con

Carrie Fisher

Rhode Island Comic Con has announced that actress Carrie Fisher is coming to Comic Con in November.



GoLocalTV: 2nd Annual Billy Taylor House Slider Cook Off Set For Saturday

The second annual Billy Taylor House slider-cook off is set for Saturday, August 29 at the corner of Camp and Cypress Streets… Read More



It’s All About Education: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Lauri Lee

It’s that time of year again. Parents who have been scrambling for child care all summer, juggling camp drop-offs and… Read More



Newport Manners & Etiquette: Conversation Etiquette

The etiquette of how to make conversation in a social situation, especially when you're stuck in the middle, and what to… Read More



Chef Walter’s Flavors + Knowledge: Poached Eggs & Smoked Salmon With Dill Béarnaise

Brunch is a meal that is eaten in the late morning or early afternoon, generally between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. A… Read More



slides: Buddy Guy Brings the Blues to Indian Ranch

The reigning champion of Chicago Blues was at Indian Ranch Sunday for an inspired show before an enthusiastic crowd.



Organize + Energize:  9 Ways to Get Your Kids Organized For Back to School

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to get everybody organized for a stress-free school year. … Read More



slides: 10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - August 25, 2015

Theodora and others need homes

Calling all animal lovers! If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.